Friday, March 24, 2006

I Need You! We Need Eachother!

I Need You! We Need Each Other!
In order for us to harmonize our differences, I need, first, to state my beliefs about the kinds of behavior each of us (over 6 billion of us now!) ought to manifest our citizenship in a radical world democracy (even though, I know, we are nowhere near achieving it yet!). These beliefs should be, of course, the way I am trying to live each day, now, in the world as it is! Then (I hope) you will tell me where you disagree (& if possible, why).
If we disagree about matters that matter, it is important for us to try to harmonize those differences (so our actual behavior won't cancel each other out!)! The more people we harmonize with, the closer we will come to achieving real (radical) democracy!
Since you can't see how I behave, we both have to do our best to put our beliefs into words that, we hope, will be understood. But since we each have grown up in perhaps widely different milieux, it may take a lot of back&forthing before we can be fairly sure we have understood each other accurately! It's a long slow process (& the need is urgent!), so I hope we can get started. [I feel fairly confident that the more of us who actually make that effort, the more we will all notice that the world is getting better&better!]
The most urgent change needed, seems to me to be for us to try to abandon our natural tendency to be arrogant about our own beliefs. If we realize that, often without our awareness, we all make mistakes in perception & in judgement, we should be able to appreciate every disagreement as an opportunity to catch some of our mistakes & proceed with more humility to catch more of them!

I hope some of you will share what you consider to be our most urgent needs for deep change. Each of us has a treasure house of wisdom that can become available to the whole world if we all realize that wisdom is what makes the world a better place for everyone and that it never comes with a guarantee of success! We always must proceed with caution! We must always wait&see whether what we thought was wisdom actually does make the world a better place for everyone!


Blogger Rex said...

The more I think about it the more I feel that the best place for us all to start is by trying to curb our own arrogance! We'll never get anywhere if either of us is convinced that our own ways are already the best (or beyond improvement)! But once we are open to learning from each other, we will be on our way to real (radical) democracy!

April 28, 2006  
Blogger Rex said...

As I was reading At Home In The Universe by Stuart Kauffman, I got another idea: Self-directed responsible behavior is crucial for our survival as a species, but only if it is guided by our belief that nobody wins unless we all win! This will not keep us from making mistakes, but it will make us anxious to try to correct our mistakes as soon as we suspect that they are mistakes!
Mistakes may also be minimized by our constant efforts to harmonize our plans! So please let's get started!

May 05, 2006  

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