Friday, July 14, 2006

Escaping is not enough!

Last evening I watched film about a failed attempt to escape the Matrix! Some students in Toronto tried to set up an alternative learning institution so they would have the freedom to learn the way they wanted to learn. It was an admirable effort but it fizzeled! Most of the 'students' seemed to be more interested in their freedom than in our freedom!
It reinforced my belief that if we don't learn to keep our freedom within the bounds of responsible behavior, we will, sooner or later lose it! That's why I prefer using 'freesponsibility' rather than the word 'freedom' by itself. Maximum freedom is only possible when it is used responsibly!
So if we want to learn to be "We the people," we must learn to think more inclusively! It's an old dilemma: how can we be more indepentently interdependent? I believe it can only be when we make a commitment to respect all life! If we can do that then we can be free to learn the way we want to learn (which of course is the best way to learn!) without being in danger of loosing our freedom!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I was at Teachers College in Toronto, I was very interested in Summerhill and free schools. I learnt that there was a difference between freedom and license. Unfortunately, most folks think of freedom as license and it's not. I really like the term 'freesponsibility' because rights do come with responsibilities.

I must admit I have been struggling with the wish to just ESCAPE our world because it's just too painful to witness all the insanity. BUT, that is not the answer. Yes, it is necessary to become interdependently more independent! But isn't that how nature works? We have a lot to learn from nature's matrix/web of life. That's why I'm attracted to Natural Systems Thinking Process (NSTP) as developed by Michael J. Cohen. I think the ideas presented by rkm and his book would be quite compatible with NSTP, but guess I better get the book first before I make that judgement.

August 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The goal of independant interdependance will be regained when we adopt the eary childhood rearing practices of preconquest peoples, see "Preconquest Consciousness" by Richard Sorenson.

In order for we who have already gone through the "civilising" process to regain our full humanity Re-evaluation Counseling (Harvey Jackins) holds a key

December 30, 2006  

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