Saturday, August 05, 2006

How to end all war, including the 'war' on terrorism!

11sept is approaching fast & war (including the 'war' on terror) is still in the air. I feel a need for us (We the People) to seriously try to harmonize our ideas about better ways to deal all our differences! Neither war nor terrorism, make any long-term sense! We can't afford the waste caused by either! I'd like to suggest that our best hope is for each of us to personally make sure we always invite open dialogue with those who disagree with us & try to assure them that we need to hear their viewpoint! And we need to try to reach a consensus on serious matters involving action! Notice I say "try"! Consensus is extremely hard to reach, even when only two people are involved! But my experience tells me that even just making the effort to agree on important matters will bring us closer together in our ideas! So I advocate that we all make a life-long commitment to always make efforts toward consensus on matters that really matter whether we ever reach consensus or not! Yes, I mean it: keep trying to harmonize our ideas over&over&over again! We must try to consense on a general direction for our global society! [We're all in the same boat & it is so hard to get a single boat to go in two different directions at the same time!]
Let's not forget that we are all imperfect beings: none of us can ever accurately predict the future. But because we have to 'do', if we want to keep on 'being', we have no choice but to do our doing in the dark (as far as the future is concerned)! [If you've ever played at being 'blind', you know that we tend be alot more cautious with our eyes closed!] So, even after we reach some sort of agreement on action, we should proceed with caution! This means trying to take the smallest possible steps (into our future!) & staying very alert to the consequences of our action! When danger appears, let's all humbly head back to the 'drawing board'!